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7 Ways to Embrace Change & Fall in Love with Life

" The only thing that's constant is change"

Did you know that you are constantly changing? In fact you've been changing this whole time, even if you aren't going through a major transition that you can see right in front of you. Each of us are changing, some in more significant ways than others, but we are all changing a little bit each day. This brings me back to the idea that we are continuously improving 1% each day, with that we are changing little by little each day. Change doesn't happen overnight, as badly as we wish it would.

To live a meaningful and fulfilling life, you need to become comfortable with change. This doesn't mean that you will eliminate the fear associated with big or small changes, but you will learn to work with your fear, and not have your fear work against you. There's a difference. Rather than being controlled by your fear, you can use your fear to your advantage.

Why We Often Resist Change

Our brains are wired to keep us in survival mode, in that they are trying to protect us from any harm. When anything happens that is outside of your comfort zone, the amygdala interprets change as an immediate threat and responds in one of three ways - fight, flight, or freeze. Change goes against our very human nature, in that we want to stay as comfortable as possible.

This explains why people prefer what's familiar to them, even if it is worse off for them in the future than the unfamiliar. It's because our brains have conditioned us to believe it's better to stay comfortable than uncomfortable. But how will you move forward in life? You won't, if you don't allow for change. Change may not feel good in the short-term, but it will benefit you in the long-term.

We dislike change because we are afraid of uncertainty, because we have lost a sense of control. And by having that sense of control is connected to our sense of self. Without that, we feel like we don't understand who we are anymore and that makes us fearful.

"Courage is the ability to do things that feel difficult, scary, or uncertain" - Mel Robbins

To be willing to change is an act of courage. One of the best ways to easily navigate through change is by implementing the 5 second rule into your daily life. I absolutely love the 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins, because it allows you to make a decision in just 5 seconds that can change the course of your journey. With this rule, you're able to have the courage and confidence to enrich your life by simply learning how to push yourself.

The 5 Second Rule: Mel Robbins

Learn how to enrich your life and end self-doubt in just 5 seconds. Mel combines the science of habit, reviting stories, and interesting facts from some of the world's most famous moments in art, history, and business. She unlocks the secret to becoming the best version of yourself using one simple tool & the power of a " push moment."

3 Reasons People Resist Change

Fear of being different or outside of the social norm

As people, we feel a strong desire to fit in with society and those around us. We want to be liked by people in our social circle, by our families, and by people we don't even know. It's just human nature. However, this can become problematic when we hope to do something, or believe strongly in something that those we are close to don't feel the same way about.

Fear over a loss of control & tied with a sense of self

Resisting change often comes down to one thing, and that's fear. We as humans are hardwired to want to be in control of all things at all times, and therefore, our brains will go to great measures to ensure that we are in control, and feeling protected.

However, change offers us the opportunity to experience the unknown, and to embrace that if we choose to do so. If we feel in control of our circumstances, we feel our sense of self is also protected. While change can be scary, it should not be something to shy away from. The path to personal growth involves allowing change in our lives.

Fear of potential failure

The fear of failure is very real and shared by many people. Oftentimes, people are so afraid of the potential of failing, that they would rather not try something at all, than to try and possibly fail. The extent to which fear can take over your mind outweighs the potential benefits of success.

Insecurity about doing something incorrectly and not succeeding causes people to unconsciously sabotage their success. How do you know you will not succeed if you don't try? Even if you try and fail, how do you know the next time won't be different?

7 Tips to Embrace Change

Recognize that Change is the Only Constant

By taking the time to understand this thoroughly, you will find that you can better navigate through change overtime, because you are expecting change throughout your life. Many people are caught off guard when a sudden change occurs in their life, or if they are presented with the opportunity to make a change.

If you aren't used to navigating through change, you will find it even more difficult to do so, and are more likely to hold yourself back. Change only leads to a new opportunity you are not aware of yet.

Develop a Consistent Daily Routine

When everything else is outside of your control, finding a routine you can stick to will help you feel like you have some sense of control. Try to focus on something that you do have control over. Daily routines are an excellent example of this, because they are formed by you and only you. ( Related Post: How to Create the Perfect Self Care Night Routine).

Connect with Others

Undergoing change is difficult enough as it is, especially if you are going through it alone. Having a support group you can lean on when times are tough will make the process so much easier. I would highly recommend reaching out to people who have gone through a similar change or someone who is currently going through a change. You can get their advice and learn from their experiences which can help guide you in a direction.

Get into the Habit of Journaling

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know how often I bring up getting into the habit of journaling. Journaling has countless benefits, from reducing stress, clearing your emotions, and allowing yourself the chance to get to know yourself better. Not only this, but through journaling, you can write down how you are feeling while navigating through change using specific journal prompts anchored towards change. Some of my favorite journal prompts to reflect on when going through change are:

  • What is the biggest blessing in your life right now? Describe what it is and why it’s a blessing to you.

  • What lesson do you think you are being taught right now?

  • Identify three emotions you have been feeling recently revolving around a change? How would you describe them and why?

  • What do you hope to gain or experience from this change you are navigating? Be specific with your answers.

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Grab your FREE Self Reflection Workbook Printable when you sign up as a subscriber! Journal Prompts are outlined for you to fill in for each day, month, and year. If you would prefer something more in depth, I've created the Daily Gratitude Journal for you! This online fillable journal includes prompts that help you reflect and find gratitude for the little things in life. Shop now and start the journey to enriching your life even further.

Celebrate Your Growth

This is a hugggee one! Whether you’ve achieved something big, or you’ve achieved a goal you had for the week, both are worthy of celebration.

Why are the small wins worth celebrating? Couldn’t I just celebrate the final win once I’ve achieved my goal?

Celebrating the small wins is a way for you to recognize how amazing you are, and how far you’ve gone. Big changes don’t happen overnight, and are the result of multiple smaller changes you’ve made daily or weekly. Celebrating your growth is a journey, and is an act of self love when you do so.

By appreciating your small wins, you are inspiring yourself to continue going after those long-term goals you have, and to continue creating new smaller goals along the way. When you are able to celebrate your achievements, you’re also better able to support others achievements as well.

Focus on Resilience

The Habits of Happiness by Matthieu Ricard

Mattieu challenges us to reframe our understanding of happiness as we know it. It's not about being positive all the the time, or waiting for good things to happen,. but is about developing a strong sense of serenity and fulfillment, even during the most difficult times.

What does it mean to be a resilient person? To be resilient is to be able to handle life’s changes that come your way. It’s the ability to receiver and rebound from challenges that you didn’t expect coming. This is such an important characteristic to have when dealing with change, and should be embraced.

By focusing on resilience, you are able to adapt to change, and grow stronger every day. You won’t be as fearful of failure, because you recognize that failure is an essential part of success.

Separate Yourself from the Experience

You are not this one experience. There are so many experiences we will encounter in life, and this one experience is such a small fraction of the total number of experiences we will have. By separating yourself from your experience, you will realize that this one experience is much more insignificant in the bigger picture than you may realize.

"If you expect stability, you will be disappointed when change comes your way. But if you expect instability you will be able to navigate through change much easier. "- Live Intentionally

Are you ready to embrace change?

What is the first step you will take to embrace the change in your life?

Let’s start a conversation! Leave a comment down below and let me know what the hardest part about navigating change is for you, or how you will take the first step to embrace change in your life?

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