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How to Create the Perfect Self Care Night Routine

By now you've probably heard of everyone trying to create a morning routine and the importance of having one. By creating an easy- to -follow morning routine, you can start your day feeling your best! But have you considered the benefits of following a self care night routine? This is something you don't hear about as often, but you're missing out on so many benefits.

While a morning routine involves a series of steps you take to get ready for the day, implementing a nightly routine is a way of ensuring you take the time to wind down each night and get rest. Think of a night routine as a dedicated portion of the day that you spend quietly with yourself.

All highly successful people have one thing in common: they make time to read everyday and they have a daily morning routine. By having a morning routine, you can ensure you set yourself up for success to begin your day! Not only is a morning routine important, but having a nightly routine is just as important. The best way to have a productive morning routine is to get a head start on planning the night before.

When building a night routine, the most important thing to remember is to stay as consistent as possible. If you are trying to add 10 different activities to your evening routine, you've got it all wrong. The reason you don't want to add too many parts to your night routine is because it will become really tough to actually follow through with them on a daily basis. Instead, write a list of all the activities you would want to include as a part of your nightly routine. Once you've done this, identify which ones are essential to you in order to wind down from the day and feel your best waking up tomorrow. You can include those 3-4 activities you've identified into your routine, this way you know you will stay consistent everyday.

Remember: It’s not about how many activities you add to your night routine, it’s about staying consistent with the activities you choose to do.

If you're someone who has different energy levels depending on the day, something I highly recommend implementing is a different nightly routine depending on your energy levels on a particular day.

For example....

On a night where you have low energy, you'll likely be really tired/burnout and not want to do your night routine at all. These are the days that matter the most, because it's SO easy to slip up and say you'll follow through tomorrow when you're feeling better.

Add 1-2 of your high priority activities to your low energy night routine, this way you will still accomplish your routine. A self care night routine on one of these days could look like putting your phone away 30 minutes before bed, and doing a simple skincare routine.

On a night when you have medium energy, you will feel like completing a couple of activities before bed. Most of the time, you will fall into this category. A self care night routine on one of these nights could look like: Reading for 30 minutes before bed, making yourself a warm tea, doing your skincare, and putting the phone away 30 minutes before bed.

On a night where you have high energy, you will be able to complete a variety of activities since you won't be tired, and you'll need to take extra time to wind down. You'll be more motivated to follow through with everything since you're awake and willing to do so. A self care night routine on one of these nights could look like:

  • Doing nightly meditation for 15 mins

  • Reading for 30 minutes

  • Doing skincare routine/ using a face mask

  • Making a warm tea

  • Putting the phone away before bed

Self Care Evening Routine List

Light a Candle and Journal

There's something so sweet about lighting a candle and journaling while no one else is awake at night .Even if it’s just for 10-15 minutes. It's the perfect way to unwind and get yourself cozy before bed. Take this as an opportunity to reflect on your day and check in with yourself to see how you are feeling.

Get Creative at Night

Sometimes it can be difficult to find some quiet time to work during the day. Whether you’re answering emails, phone calls, or are constantly surrounded with other people, it can almost seem impossible to find an hour to work undistracted. Setting aside a little bit of time at night can be really beneficial for you to come up with those creative ideas you’ve been hoping for. This is because our brains are able to make connections at night that we wouldn’t normally be able to make during the day, as our minds are less restrained at night.

Plan the Next Day the Night Before

James Clear, the best selling author of Atomic Habits believes that motivation is overrated, “ Stop waiting for motivation or inspiration to strike you and set a schedule for your habits.” One of the best ways to ensure you will have a productive day is to plan the next day the night before. Write out 3 things you hope to accomplish for the next day. By doing this, you are simply identifying the three most important tasks you need to check off your list to ensure you’ve had a productive day.

Planning your day in advance not only boosts focus and productivity, but also relieves stress and anxiety. You may be wondering “ Why can’t I just wait until the morning to write down my three tasks?” When you plan at night, there is no guesswork as to what you will do with your time in the morning, and you will be able to make the most optimal use of your time.

Write 3 Things You're Thankful For

Have you ever thought to yourself what you are grateful for, but haven’t taken the time to write that down? It’s one thing to think of what you are grateful for in the moment, but it’s another to sit down and reflect on what it is you’re truly grateful for. The act of writing down what you are thankful for allows you to visualize exactly what and whom you are reflecting on, and gives you the chance to look back on this in the future. Not only this, but reflecting on what you are grateful for reframes your mindset and allows you to look at things from a positive perspective.

If you are looking to reflect more deeply, I highly recommend using journal prompts to guide you. Journal prompts are an amazing way to outline specific questions to help you reflect on how you’re feeling. A few of my favorite gratitude journal prompts are:

  • “ What are 3 things you are grateful for? Why are you grateful for them?

  • “ What are some new experiences which have brought me joy? What brings me peace?

  • “ What opportunity are you grateful for? What challenge are you grateful for?

Are you ready to create a simple glow up night routine to unwind and feel your best? You can find these exact journal prompts and more just like this in my new digital product, The Daily Gratitude Journal. The Daily Gratitude Journal will guide you to finding the positive in all situations, and to reflect on the LITTLE things in each day to further enrich your life. Journal prompts are designed to lead you down the path of becoming the best version of yourself! Shop Now and get your copy today!

Do you have a self care night routine that you follow? What ideas will you include in your new routine, if you don't already have one? I would love to know! Let's start a conversation in the comments below. Looking forward to sharing more with you soon!

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