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How to Maintain Self Confidence When Hope is Lost

Guest Post by Fransic Verso owner of Querianson

This is something most of us would go through for a variety of reasons. However, I would say the process of dealing with it can be similar, and that is how to maintain self-confidence when hope is lost. I want to share my knowledge on this because I didn't like my experience when I went through despair.

Some people might know how to avoid depression and that's great. But I would like to share something else on this post. And that's why I mentioned the word "maintain self-confidence" in the title of this post.

If you have been in situation like this, you can share your experience with us and what worked for you that helped you to get out of it.

How to Maintain Self Confidence When Hope is Lost

Losing hope can be referred to as despair or hopelessness. And we all get that in our life. Because it's part of the process. Whether you are working your way to success or working on goals to achieve something in your life.

There are so many reasons why someone would lose hope. However, it doesn't matter how it happened. You know how to maintain and get out of it. That's everything we want. Because it's not something we choose to have in our life.

Reasons for Being In Despair

There are many reasons we may feel despair. We may feel despair from:

● Failing in life too many times

● Very slow progress to sources of whatever you're working on

● Assumption of the negative outcome

● When going through loss

● Breaking up with your partner

● Facing too many life challenging

Here are just some ways we might be hopeless or get that feeling. And I mentioned those because how to maintain self-confidence tips that I'm going to mention can help you with almost all of the reasons above. Even if you went through something not mentioned above.

Also, if you noticed, I mentioned maintaining... And that is because sometimes it lasts longer than other times. You might get through it and manage to get out fast. And that's amazing, which means you are strong and have a strong mentality.

Something you should know is that you can also do more than one if it's not all. This will help you speed up the process. For me, I do usually two to three of the things I will mention about How to Maintain Self Confidence.

If you want to get out of this feeling or don't make it impact your life negatively. You need to maintain your confidence. And that's what you will get after reading this post. It's important to do that because it will get worse and worse if we lose confidence in ourselves.

4 Steps to Maintain Self Confidence

1. Remind Yourself What to Do Before And After

This is something we might forget to do. And talking about myself specifically, I just recently developed the habit of doing this. How to Maintain Self-Confidence can be preparing yourself before you go through it. Because when you are going through it, I don't think you would have time to think about anything.

You need to learn how to maintain self-confidence when you are feeling good. This way, when you go through it, you already know what to do. And it will be easy for you to follow up with what you learned. Every time you feel hopeless or despair, you can do it to help you maintain your confidence and get out of it.

When I mention "after" I mean after you get out of it. Try to remember what helped you get out of it. What did you feel? Take some time to study everything about the experience. This way, you will be able to set a plan. It will help you in the future.

Extra Tip:

Something that can help you achieve this. Try to check other people's experiences. Ask for their thoughts about it. And how did they go through it? It might not be the same as yours. But maybe one day, it can help you make a better plan for yourself.

Losing hope in life is normal and can happen to almost everyone. However, we should be ready for it. This is why it's very important to remind yourself after and before. So, you can know how to Maintain Self Confidence.

Remind yourself that this has an end to it. It won't last forever, even if it takes so long. Which you might go through it for a long time. But keep fighting and remind yourself that it will end. It's a good incentive to keep yourself motivated.

How to maintain self-confidence can be doing incentives that can help you mentally to go through it. And as you learn how to do it. What is the most effective incentive you should do? Things will get easier for you.

2. Believe in Yourself

No matter what you are going through, you need to keep believing in yourself. You can do it, it's possible to get out of it. Even when you hit rock bottom. Always believe in yourself. This is something I did too. When I lose hope. I doubt it would get better. If you don't believe in yourself, how do you expect others to?

Some moments, I just don't want to do anything. But, I learned that it's very important that we believe in ourselves. And after that, I would always remind myself to never lose faith in myself to get out of it. Trust me, it's very important to do it and it will help you a lot on How to Maintain Self Confidence.

There will be moments that will test your belief. If it hasn't happened to you, eventually, you will get it so, I recommend you get ready for it. This way, you will not get surprised when it happens. Everyone has to go through it when we work on our way to success or go through life challenges.

No matter what level of despair you reach, always remind strong and believe you will get through it. And when you do other tips on how to maintain self-confidence, it will give you more power to overcome it. All you need to do is to be patient and stay consistent.

Don't let anything change your thoughts or make you doubt yourself. This will only help you to lose confidence. Which is not good in this situation. Avoid the negative thoughts on your mind that will make you doubt yourself.

3. Talk to the Right People

One thing you need to know is that it's impossible to work only sometimes. You can try doing things now on your own, but a little help from the right people can help you to maintain. Even it will help you to get out of it.

You can read self-confidence quotes on the internet or do whatever. However, make sure to surround yourself with the right people. They will be a great asset to help you go through difficult times. We are human and we are meant to help each other. To be honest, self-confidence quotes can sometimes help when you believe in them.

When I say "The right people" I mean people who understand you. And know what they are talking about. People who are serious about helping you. Because you could talk to a lot of people and not all can help you. So, don't waste your time talking to the wrong people.

I would recommend you surround yourself with the right people when you feel great. This way, you don't need to struggle to find people. It will be easier for you to find some help from others when you need it the most.

There might be some people who don't have anyone around them. Well, I would say I'm part of the club. But, also we need to go out and talk to people. Make new friends and I'm sure you will find tons of good people out there.

4. Understand Your Goals and Dreams

Feeling hopeless sometimes can lead us away from our main goals and dreams. You got too distracted with your thoughts to a point you forget about it. However, it's very important to go through your goals and dreams if you want to know How to Maintain Self Confidence.

Remind yourself why you started in the first place. It will give you a reason to push yourself to stay motivated. And that will also allow you to maintain your confidence. Just remember, no matter what level you reach. For this, you need to keep doing this.

Well, you need to include why are you doing each goal. Because without it, you might not have enough to push you. And if that is the case, it won't be enough for you to push through and keep the confidence. Both come at the same time.

It should as an incentive for you to get back and work again. Especially on your dreams. Don't let such a moment stop you from achieving what you want. You worked a lot to stop when you lose hope. As you keep going through more moments like this. This will be easier for you and you will get used to it.

Extra Tip:

Imagining what could happen when you achieve your goals can also be a good incentive for when you feel hope is lost. This can be a good reminder that it's not actually lost. It might be a difficult moment, but you still can make it and succeed.

A powerful way to maintain your self-confidence when hope is lost is to journal out how you are feeling. Journaling is an amazing way to get to the root of why you are feeling the way you are feeling. If you haven't done so already, subscribe today and get access to your FREE Self Reflection Workbook!

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Meet the Author...

Fransic Verso

My name is Frank and I go by "Fransic verso" on the internet, started blogging when I was a kid at middle school. I wasn't so serious when I started for a few years, and I decided to make it my business. I'm the owner of Querianson and I blog about DIY craft, sharing awesome ideas with everyone. Also, talking about blogging tips and tips for self-development to help other bloggers and people to make blogging and life better and easier.

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